Pain Relief

I’ve had a shoulder problem causing a lot of pain for about 10 years. I have tried painkillers, massage, physiotherapy and immobilising my shoulder. But nothing helped. In past two years, I have been seeing a shoulder specialist who suggested that age was the problem and that cortisone injection would stop the pain. But there was risk of muscle damage.

I came to see Dr Jin about 6 weeks ago to enquire if traditional Chinese Medicine could help. Since having 6 acupuncture treatments, my shoulder has improved to the point where the pain occurs only occasionally when I do something too strenuous. Also, before the acupuncture I was waking in the night with the pain. This doesn’t happen any more.

I am very impressed with results and recommend to anyone.



Infertility Support

My wife and I had been struggling to conceive for a couple of years and having been through all the traditional methods on the nhs (short of ivf) we had decided to seek out an alternative. Dr Jin provides a very thorough service asking a lot of questions and making you feel like part of the process. Through a mixture of herbal supplements and acupuncture to rebalance the body we fell pregnant after two months of therapy. We now have a happy healthy baby boy and couldn’t be happier and we can’t thank Dr Jin enough.

Mr T

Dr Jin is an INCREDIBLE person. She is so dedicated to her patients & genuinely wants to help you. I went to see her for various things which drastically improved but the biggest gift she gave to me was helping me conceive our beautiful little girl Phoebe. I recommend everyone I can to Dr Jin she is a very special! 

Mrs P

Since the death of my baby daughter in 2006, I had been trying desperately for 6 months to conceive again. My dad recommended acupuncture. Dr Jin used a special type of acupuncture which is said to increase fertility. I also took some Chinese herbs for fertility and within a couple of months. I was pregnant!

I would certainly recommend acupuncture as it definitely worked for me.

Mrs T


We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us over the last couple of years, you have allowed us to experience something that is truly amazing, thank you very much.

Mrs H



Thank you Dr Yu Jin,These are not big enough words to express our gratitude for the treatment you gave me. I had lost hope that I could ever have children. All doctors and specialists said I was starting an early menopause and IVF also closed their doors saying I had no eggs left. When I came to see you I just wanted to feel happier and pain free and didn’t once think I could have normal periods. But within weeks of seeing you my periods became heavy and healthier. Three month later at the age of 40. I became pregnant for the first time in my life. This was nothing short of a miracle. I can never thank you or God enough for the blessing we were given and for the healthy birth of our beautiful son. You will always be remembered for what you did for us and when my son is old enough we will explain how his life began.

God bless you always,

From a very happy and blessed mother & father xxx


Mr and Mrs P




For the last six years, I have suffered severe pain from the after effects of shingles.

I was treated by my G.P but he was unable to relieve the pain…. Throughout this period I couldn’t sleep because of the pain, which over the years takes its toll. A friend suggested that I try acupuncture, where I came to be treated by Dr Yu Jin at Preston. Preston is about a hundred miles from Carlisle, but if it were to relieve the pain it would be worth the trip.

After about three visits I could confirm that the pain was not as severe, also that most nights I could sleep trouble free. This made all the travelling worthwhile…. Dr Yu Jin has been very caring; I can confirm that she is to be congratulated on her success with my problem.

Mr H



I have been attending Dr Yu Jin clinic for many months because I was suffering with hot sweats at night due to the menopause. Dr Yu Jin gave me herbs that cooled the body down and within a few months, I was not having as many hot sweats at night. So I am able to sleep much better. I am still taking the herbs and they have been a great help to me.

Mrs P


Dr Jin gave me an individualised Chinese Herbal Medicine prescription for my broken sleep pattern and also hot sweats. I took the medicine for a couple of months and from early on I  could tell it was making a difference. Now I feel like I used to, with no more sweats and I sleep right through the night with no problem. Thank you so much, it's made a big difference to me.


Well Being

I believe that acupuncture has been my lifeline in the last couple of years. I have had heart problem and cancer of the gall bladder. Acupuncture has helped me cope with these and I’m sure also with my immune system. My well being as a whole person has been great keeping me calm and able to carry on doing the things I love and enjoy most in my life.

I can’t thank Dr Jin enough for all her help. She is totally professional in her work at the clinic and a kind and caring person. So very grateful.

Mrs W



I have had M.E. for over 20 years and had tried all sorts of remedies. I went to Dr Yu Jin about two years ago with an open mind to see if acupuncture would help me.

Acupuncture, along with Chinese Herbal Medicine has really helped me to get my life back on track. I have more energy now and attack of M.E. are very infrequent. It has really changed my life for the better and I am very grateful to the kind, professionalism of Dr Jin who really cares about all her patients.

Mr T


Pain Relief

I had suffered with hip pain on and off for over a year. I also have a nephew who had to have a hip replacement. So with the hip pain I thought that genetically I was destined to go the same way. then I saw an advert for acupuncture ( I am afraid of needles ! ). But I went along to see Dr Yu Jin she recommended a course of acupuncture (the needles were nothing like I imagined ! ) and the pain in the hip has never returned. So no fear of a hip replacement for me then.
Mr J

I started coming to see Dr Yu Jin this year as I had problems with my lower back. The pain was that bad at times that I had taken time of work and I couldn’t even bend down to put my socks on.
I had been to my doctors and had been prescribed very strong pain killers. I had x rays on my spine and physiotherapy all to no avail.
After visiting Dr Yu Jin for a few sessions the pain started to reduce and my flexibility started to increase. This improvement has continued after each session and I now feel more comfortable.
I am continuing the treatment on a monthly basis with the aim of maintaining my comfort and flexibility. (Apr 2012)
Ms C