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Our clinic provide assessment and treatment for a wide range of conditions using Acupuncture, Herbal and Cupping.

Begin your journey to wellness with Chinese Acupuncture & Skin Clinic

Traditional Acupuncture

  • Initial consultation and acupuncture treatment or herbal remedy (45 mins to 1 hour) - £55.00

  • Follow up acupuncture treatments (45 mins to 1 hour) - £45.00


  • Initial consultation for fertility and acupuncture treatment or herbal remedy (1.25 to 1.5 hours) - £65.00

Modern Acupuncture-FSN

  • Consultation and acupuncture treatment (45 mins to 1 hour) - £55.00


  • Herbal remedy (each week) - Between £25.00 and £55.00

  • Cupping Therapy (30 minutes) - £45.00

Payment information

Payment can be made via cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Cancellation policy

If you need to amend your appointment time, it is kindly requested that you provide at least 24 hours to avoid late cancellation charges. 

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